The central purpose of the guide is:

  • To provide accurate, timely and consistent information about Idaho’s Food Stamp Program to service providers, advocates, and community groups.

  • To create a network of leaders in the aging, faith, family, immigrant, tribal and emergency food sectors who can dispel myths at the client, community and legislative levels.

    How to Use Train the Trainer

    Click here for the Train the Trainer Orientation PDF

    The Train the Trainer guide can be utilized in several ways:

    • Independent Learning

      • View curriculum independently online; new employee/intern/case worker orientation

    • Staff Trainings

      • View curriculum online; using training tool to train others

    • Community Presentations

      • View curriculum online, self-train; present information in a legible way, engaging audience; design interactive activities

    Trainer Expectations

    Trainers are responsible for relaying very important information about the Food Stamp Program, and they serve as leaders in the pursuit to tackle hunger and increase awareness about food stamps. All trainers are expected to:

    1. Contact the Task Force to discuss objectives and goals of becoming a trainer

    2. Review all curriculum modules thoroughly

    3. Go over relevant resources to gain further understanding of the Food Stamp Program (i.e. USDA; Idaho Department of Health and Welfare)

    4. Seek information specific to target population (i.e. for seniors, consult AARP resources; for the tribal community, look into the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations [FDPIR])

    5. Revisit the curriculum. Design a presentation that provides vital information about the Program while remaining legible to intended audience

    6. Incorporate any updated data as disseminated by the Task Force to ensure that information remains current

    7. Contact the Task Force with any questions or points of clarification

For more information about Train the Trainer, contact

The Idaho Hunger Relief Task Force



For more information about the Food Stamp Program, visit: