Assessing Your Local Community Food System

A healthy community food system is a food-centered collaborative network integrating food production, processing, distribution and waste management that enhances the economy, environment, health and social fabric of a particular place. And when a community’s food system is organized, citizens become more connected, partnerships flourish, locally-responsive programs emerge and the community becomes more resilient to social, economic or environmental pressures.

A healthy community food system means:

  • better supported farmers and farm workers
  • thriving local food businesses
  • greater access to quality, healthy food
  • availability of family wage jobs
  • ultimately less people requiring emergency food assistance

Register for this workshop track and learn not just 'why' but 'how' to conduct a community food assessment in your community!

Tracy Gagnon, Oregon Food Bank

Tracy Gagnon is the Community Food Systems Developer for the Oregon Food Bank where she works with communities to come up with self-identified solutions to build food security. Before the Oregon Food Bank she worked in school gardens, Farm & Fish to School programs, and 4H. She is passionate about community organizing and social justice.

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