2018 “Next Steps” and updates for Senior Nutrition

1) Develop information for community members to inform them of what resources are available for caregivers

  • Idaho Caregiver Alliance (ICA) provided resiliency training for caregivers; conducted the 8th ICA Annual Family Caregiver Conference in February 2019; launched an outreach campaign that included an independent website, increased presence on social media, adaptation of public service announcement, and caregiver stories

2) Establish a “kiosk” resource center in senior centers before the next 2020 Hunger Summit

  • In 2019, Ada County and Garden Valley senior centers are implementing a pilot ‘kiosk’ that will be branded for easy recognition and become a focal point for information and plans to invite caregiver experts to present at the sites

3) Share interagency information through specific ways such as: utilizing bilingual contacts and services; shared personal resources

Contact: Grant Jones, Metro Meals on Wheels

Strengthening Idaho Caregiver Collaborations

An increasing number of Idahoans are relying on informal caregiving from family members and friends.  Caregiving can have significant health and nutritional impacts on the caregivers, including household food insecurity and hunger.  In this track, several Idaho experts will share their success stories and provide real-life examples of assistance and resources available for caregivers and their families.  You will leave the day armed with the confidence that, together, we are strengthening caregiver collaborations across the Gem State.

Teresa Beahen-Lipman, Senior Connections

Teresa Beahen Lipman joined the Senior Connection as the Executive Director in February 2016. The Senior Connection is located in Hailey, Idaho serving members and clients throughout all of Blaine County. While new to the aged care industry, Teresa has over 30 years’ experience with the YMCA in Minnesota, Colorado and Idaho. She has consulted with a number of non-profits both local and global. Teresa has a BA in Marketing from the College of St. Thomas and an MBA in Strategic Management from the University of Minnesota. She is married to her husband, Dave. They have two children; Lizzie (13) and Winston (11).

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