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We had great success with the 2012 HUNGER SUMMIT and the final report is ready (link below) and all workshop track materials also. Follow link:  



The Top 'next steps' in hunger relief and food security for Idaho are:

1)     Cultivate Idaho—hunger free community initiative

  • Five Idaho communities will complete the 10-month Cultivate Idaho process within two years

2)    Advocacy and Policy

  • State: Protect the Idaho SNAP/food stamp program access from bad laws, rules, and regulations; federal: Protect the federal hunger safety net

3)   Local Idaho Food Systems

  • Increase small and mid-scale processing of fresh fruits and vegetables

4)  Childhood Hunger

  • Convene a statewide childhood hunger coalition

5)  Food Stamp 'Train the Trainer'

  • Create a coordinated statewide effort on food stamp training and outreach

6) Multi-cultural Food Security

  • Implement a workshop track on multi-cultural food security at the 2014 Idaho Hunger Summit
FINAL REPORT: will be available here December 7
WORKSHOP MATERIALS: provided below

Ambassador Tony Hall addresses the hunger summit attendees 

Ambassador and former U.S. Senator Tony P. Hall   (click here for bio), 
Nobel Peace Prize nominee and current Executive Director of the Alliance to End Hunger--keynote

Joel Berg, author of All You Can Eat (click here for bio) 
 Executive Director of New York City Coalition against Hunger--luncheon presentation

1. Childhood Hunger: A Cause for Public Concern - Presenter Elizabeth Adams, PhD, RD, Dept. of Public Health and Preventative Medicine; Oregon Health and Science University; Oregon Children's Hunger Coalition - click here for presenter bio 

Childhood hunger isn't just uncomfortable for Idaho children.  It's dangerous.  Children who are food insecure are at higher risk for developmental and academic problems, frequent illness and nutritional inadequacies.  This workshop will explore the long term costs of childhood hunger, successful interventions and the importance of working together to address this public health concern.

2. Local Food Systems: Policy, Producers and Public Markets - Presenter Kate Fitzgerald, independent policy consultant, Washington, D.C. - click here for presenter bio

A sustainable Idaho food system is one that provides healthy food to meet current and future food needs and encourages local production and distribution infrastructures to make nutritious food available, accessible, and affordable to all.  This workshop is for those who are interested in long term solutions to community food security.  It will present information on the newly formed Idaho Farmers' Market Association; how to improve access to local food through food stamp acceptance at farmers' markets; 'off the grid' community food sources; and how the 2012 Farm Bill will impact Idaho food, farmers, and those who struggle to feed their families.

3. Anti-Hunger Advocacy: Speaking Up for Change - Co-presenters are Amelia Kegan, policy analyst and Robin Stephenson, field organizer for Western Region, Bread for the World, Washington, D.C. - click here for presenter bios

 The right to food is a basic human right.  The resources exist to eliminate hunger in Idaho and our nation.  What it will require is 'speaking up' in an educated and timely manner.  This workshop is designed to examine and discuss important current opportunities on the federal and Idaho levels to make a meaningful and lasting difference in the lives of hungry Idahoans.  In addition to concrete policy opportunities, the workshop will address strategies to make sure your voice is heard by those making policy decisions.

4. Hunger Free Communities Initiative: Growing Food Secure Communities in Idaho - Panel presentation and Tool Kit introduction

Hunger Free Communities Initiative looks beyond emergency assistance and explores local food systems, economic development, community support systems, and civic engagement for sustainable solutions to build a food secure and thriving community. The initiative is a process that consists of community organizing, a food security assessment, a community wide event to identify top hunger and food insecurity issues, and next step implementation of identified tasks meant to increase food security.   Is your community ready?  This workshop is for those who want to learn how to implement the process, use the online Hunger Free Community replication toolkit, and interact with a panel from the pilot community of Emmett.

5. Food Stamp 'Train the Trainer' - Nancy Weed, Oregon Hunger Task Force/Partners for a a Hunger Free Oregon - click here for presenter bio

The Food Stamp 'Train the Trainer' workshop is designed to create a network of leaders across sectors and regions of Idaho who have an accurate, overview understanding of the Idaho Food Stamp Program and are able to dispel myths at the client, community and legislative levels.   This workshop is not focused on application assistance--it is designed to provide timely and accurate information about the Idaho Food Stamp program as our front-line defense against hunger and to provide an opportunity to become involved in educating others about the program.  The online, interactive curriculum toolkit will be presented as well as trainer orientation. 

RESOURCES:   2012 Summit on Hunger and Food Security FINAL REPORT -will be posted in November

WORKSHOP MATERIALS are available through links below.

1) Cultivate Idaho

2) Advocacy and Policy

3) Local Idaho Food Systems

4) Childhood Hunger

5) Food Stamp "Train the Trainer"

SUMMIT SPONSORS:  The Idaho Summit on Hunger and Food Security involves many costs.  The ability to keep the registration fee low and to provide limited scholarships is critical to maximum involvement by Idahoans.  This would not be possible without the generous funding from our sponsors.  Please thank our sponsors:

  • AARP—Idaho 
  • Catholic Charities of Idaho
  • Community Action Partnership Association of Idaho
  • Idaho Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Idaho Council of Governments, serving southwest Idaho
  • Idaho Dairy Council
  • Idaho Farmers' Market Association
  • Idaho Hunger Relief Task Force
  • Idaho Interfaith Roundtable against Hunger
  • Monastery of St.Gertrude
  • NW Grocers Association
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise
  • The Idaho Foodbank
  • Women, Infants and Children Program (WIC)