"Food Stamp -Train the Trainer - Curriculum"

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 Idaho's 2013 SNAP Into Action Plan 


Train the Trainer Orientation Toolkit

I.    Background

This guide to food stamp assistance was created in response to the clear gap between the level of Idahoans eligible for food stamps and the number who are receiving them.   Concerned about why eligible Idahoans are not participating, the Idaho Hunger Relief Task Force conducted focus groups across Idaho with recipients or potential recipients of food stamps. They found that the two most overarching barriers to participation were misinformation about eligibility and application, and the perceived stigma of receiving public benefits.

Thus, the Train the Trainer program was developed to ensure that advocates and leaders can access important information about the Food Stamp Program in order to, in turn, increase awareness in communities throughout the state. The guide aims to break through misinformation, foster leadership, and ultimately, alleviate hunger by increasing participation in the Food Stamp Program by low-income and eligible Idaho residents.

II.    Purpose

The central purpose of the guide is to:

  • To provide accurate, timely and consistent information about Idaho’s Food Stamp Program to service providers, advocates, and community groups
  •  To create a network of leaders in the aging, faith, family, immigrant, tribal and emergency food sectors who can dispel myths at the client, community and legislative levels.

III.   Use of Train the Trainer

       Levels of Curriculum Use

       The Train the Trainer guide can be utilized in several ways:

  • Independent Learning---View curriculum independently online; new employee or student intern or case worker orientation
  • Staff Trainings---View curriculum online; using training tool to train others
  • Community Presentations---View curriculum online, self-train; present information in a legible way, engaging audience; design interactive activities

IV.   Additional Resources

        For more information about Train the Trainer:

               contact:  Idaho Hunger Relief Task Force  info@idahohunger.org

        For more information about the Food Stamp Program, visit: