Getting Set-up: What You Will Need

  1. A computer, hook-up to a projector, and internet access
  2. Cake
  3. Strawberries (or other fruit)
  4. Take-away flyer (“Do You Qualify for the Idaho Food Stamp Program?”)
  5. Presentation Feedback survey
  6. Pens
  7. Myths and Truths worksheet
  8. Handouts with 1 myth each on them

Beginning To-Dos:

  1. Pass out 1-myth handouts, one for each person or until they run out, face down on the table(s) or chairs
  2. Set up computer with and snap-ed connection in tabs
  3. Pass out surveys and Myths/Truths worksheet as participants walk in, wait to pass out take-away until they are leaving


  1. Introduction to the Task Force and to Train the Trainer
  2. Presenting two or so modules. You can download the power point slides with their notes here. Or you can also watch each module using our drop down menu under "Train the Trainer". 
  3. Possibly highlighting the population they work with (seniors, Latino community, etc.)
  4. Presenting the 1-myth sheets and busting them. Giving participants the option of recording good suggestions they hear during this on the Myths/Truths handout.
  5. Interactive component:
    1. Cake: At the end, after myth busing exercise, explain that we are ‘celebrating’ and ask who wants cake. Then with hands grab a piece, throw it on a plate and present it. For the next piece delicately slice a piece and hand it out nicely. Explain that both pieces are the same, but it is the way you PRESENT them that matters, just like the way you present food stamps will have a huge impact on people’s willingness to apply or look favorably toward them.
    2. Strawberries: explain the perception that people only get $16 per month on food stamps. Yes, this is the minimum benefit, but the average is $132 per month. Even if someone only receives the minimum, that could buy these strawberries or their favorite fruit the entire month. If someone was offering you strawberries, would you throw them out or would you take them?
    3. Coupon: pick a participant to do this with, or have coupons lying on the floor for different foods. Ask if there was a coupon for $20 in vegetables for Winco/FredMeyer/Albertsons/etc., would you take it?

Ending To Dos:

  1. Last questions
  2. Emphasize that the tool is online and accessible
  3. Give contact information for the point person for Train the Trainer
  4. Ask participants to fill out surveys.  Collect surveys and give out takeway flyer.