There are many ways you or your organization can engage your community and local officials in the fight against hunger. 

1. Take the SNAP Challenge: The SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) Challenge challenges the participant to live on only $4.50 a day, or what the average american receives in Food Stamp benefits. Participants are advised to share their challenges and experience to raise further awareness of the real life struggles many American's face day to day. Click here to find out what happened when Panera's CEO, Ron Shaich, took the SNAP challenge. Click here for a great toolkit that further explains how you or your organization can take the challenge.

2. Be an Advocate! Not only does the Food Stamp program benefit our fellow neighbors, but it benefits our local economies! Did you know that for every $5 dollars spent on food stamps, an additional $9 dollars is spent back into our local economy? Advocates of the program can send letters/emails or talk with your local representative to ensure their support of the food stamp program.

3. Support Local Food: Supporting local food creates a stronger local food system. We should especially support those producers who work to make sure everyone has access to healthy and nutritious foods. Not only will this support Idaho's local farmers and economy, studies show that access and consumption of nutritious foods reduces the risk for obesity, heart disease, and a myriad of other health concerns. Click here to find a list of farmers markets in Idaho and of those, who accepts EBT.

4. Spread the Knowledge: "Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world" Nelson Mandela. Taking the time to learn more about hunger in the United States, the policies that affect it, and the people who are experiencing it is one of the greatest changes you can make. Don't know where to start? Our Hunger Resources and Information page has some fun ways to learn about hunger. On our Events page, we frequently try to add seminars or events anyone can attend to learn further about hunger issues. 

5. Donate: There are many organizations in Idaho doing incredible work in the fight against hunger. By donating just a few dollars, you are supporting the great programs being implemented. At the Idaho Hunger Relief Task Force, we would greatly appreciate any amount you could donate.