By The Numbers: Cultivating Data To Address Your Communities Needs

Bring a Laptop!!!


Research and data is critical for organizations in Idaho. It helps to reach targeted demographics, understand who exactly lives in our communities, and makes clear a larger understanding of our state. You can find which low-income neighborhoods would benefit from a mobile farmer’s market, determine what time TV advertisements surrounding local businesses should be aired, and find specific data for larger federal and state grants.

By The Numbers: Cultivating Data to Address Your Communities Needs dives deeper into income and poverty statistics that you, the participant wants to know to help address your community’s needs. Explore all that the U.S. Census Bureau has to offer including the American Community Survey, ACS Poverty and Income Datasets, and Small Area Income and Poverty and Health Insurance Estimates (SAIPE and SAHIE). Learn how other organizations are managing different projects through data and get comprehensive demonstrations on the information that you want to know. Don’t forget to bring your laptop to this track to fully benefit from the live demonstrations.


Presenter Eliane "Lia" Bolden

Elaine “Lia” Bolden is a Data Dissemination Specialist with the US Census Bureau’s Customer Liaison Marketing Services Office, Data Dissemination Branch.  Her territory encompasses Northern California and Alaska.  She began her Census career in 1988 where she served as a Community Partnership Specialist for the 1990 Decennial Census in Los Angeles, California. She has an extensive background in outreach and community initiatives with the Census Bureau, serving in the Partnership and Data Services programs for both the 2000 and 2010 Census. During the interim years, Lia held a number of consulting, marketing, public and community relations positions which include: Co-Managing Partner of a consulting firm specializing in providing planning, training and project management services to local communities and organizations engaged in community/ economic development.  She brings a wealth of experience and is an engaging speaker and trainer on the illuminating value of data on community transformation.





Watch how Kaboom, a national non-profit, uses American Community Survey (ACS) data to achieve better public policy, funding and awareness for play opportunities!